Sales Effort

Inmec offers all the products available on I-Store with clearly disclosed pricing. This allows you as our customer familiarize yourself with product features with all the options and commissioning services. We believe that clear and strait forward approach saves your time and money in the decision-making procedure to find the best product for the years to come.

Commissioning Effort

We offer remote commissioning services based on wireless Cell or mill network whichever is convenient.  Industrial router facilitating the remote access is embedded to the Connection Unit delivered with each Brix sensor. Remote commissioning ensures fast and most cost-efficient way of starting up sensor on the day one. Minimum mill personnel participation is needed. Tune up will be ready in just a matter of hours. This is all based on sophisticated autocalibration functions of all Inmec sensors. In case mill person is starting up a sensor, on-line help desk will be available to provide necessary assistance and training.
For the most demanding cases, on site commissioning is naturally also available.

I-Service Effort

I-Service covers remote assistance in all issues raised down the road. I-service remote assistance can be extended to real-time 7/24 remote monitoring and analysis. This enables full-service commitment where sensor functions are continuously monitored.
Sophisticated analytics of I-Service guarantees performance under minimum downtime regardless of cause or maintenance issue.
Whenever any deviation on normal operation of a sensor is detected, I-Service will call service person on duty who checks the sensor remotely and takes necessary actions to solve the issue.
Mill contact person will be informed of all action taken related to I-Service.

On site Effort

Inmec Commissioning and service personnel are available to assist at any issue on mill site whenever needed. Our process knowhow is an efficient tool to overcome measurement or control issues concerning sensor utilization in process control.

Warranty Effort

Industrial instruments are long term investments. Expected lifetime of our products is superior due to latest technology and as a prove of that we offer 3 years full replacement warranty on all sensors. Maximum of 3-day Courier service reaches most of our customer mill sites worldwide to deliver necessary parts in case malfunction occurs.