Model SRC

SKU: E800001SRC

Flow through Specific Range Concentration Sensor, used for total solids measurement applications of desired span.The sensor provides highly representative and linear Solids measurement throughout the specific range. It is an integrated, stand alone unit with 24VDC input and 4-20mA output. Wiring is connected via a Junction Box. EHEGD certified.


- SRC/L, 0-15% solids
- SRC/M, 15-30% solids
- SRC/C, configurable 0-35%, 20% maximum span 

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Beverage Industry
  • Sugar dosing
  • Total solids of sugar and fruit pulp
  • Total solids before fermentation
  • Low solids of circulation waters
Dairy Industry
  • Fat dosing
  • Protein dosing
  • Total solids of milk products
Bioethanol Industry
  • Total solids before fermentation
  • Alcohol-% of final product
  • Solids of by-products and circulated waters
Sugar Industry
  • Low Brix juice applications
  • Flow through 2” Sensor
  • Preconfigured for specific measuring range
  • Installation parts, Quick couplings and gaskets
  • Junction Box
  • Sensor cable, 10m. See 50 m version at Accessories

Data Sheets

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Remote commissioning:

Remote commissioning services are based on a Wireless Cell or mill network, whichever is convenient. An industrial router facilitating remote access is embedded to the Connection Unit delivered with each Brix sensor. Remote commissioning ensures the fastest and most cost-efficient way of starting up sensors from the first day of delivery. Minimum mill personnel participation is needed and tune up will be ready in just a matter of hours. This is all based on the sophisticated autocalibration functions of all Inmec sensors. If a mill person is starting up a sensor, our on-line help desk will be available to provide necessary assistance and training. We offer worldwide and fixed price Remote commissioning to all our customers. 

On-site Commissioning:

Inmec Commissioning and service personnel are available to assist our customers in any issue at mill site whenever needed. Our process know-how is an efficient tool to overcome measurement or control issues concerning Inmec sensor utilization in process control. Please request a quote for on-site commissioning services.