Discover a better way of measuring industrial slurries and revolutionize your process control with Inmec's advanced sensor technology.

Industrial slurries can take on various forms and contain complex mixtures of physical and chemical components. They can consist of a single type of solids in water, such as fiber slurries, or a combination of suspended and dissolved solids. These mixtures often involve a blend of organic and inorganic elements. In the process industry, measuring variables like Concentration, Consistency, and Density play a crucial role. These variables essentially represent the total solids in slurries. However, finding reliable and robust sensors that can withstand challenging conditions has always been a challenge, with the modern direction of measurement leading to moving away from unsafe measuring units based on radiometric principles with isotopes.

Inmec Sensors in Process Control

Inmec's modern digital sensors offer a solution to these challenges. Our sensors can be calibrated to measure any of the aforementioned variables accurately. Users have the flexibility to configure the measuring range, from zero to the highest capacity the material can be pumped. With digital technology, our sensors provide adaptive and wide-range measurements, catering to the diverse needs of the process industry. Whether it's dissolved or suspended solids, our sensors provide a comprehensive reading in one go.

One of the standout features of Inmec sensors is their exceptional stability over time. Unlike other sensors that require frequent recalibration, our sensors save our customers’ time and make process control more efficient. By investing in today's cutting-edge technology, you're making a choice that will benefit your company for years to come.

Our new Inmec P-series sensors are specifically designed for demanding conditions, including materials with abrasive particles. They can even be equipped with flushing capabilities for extreme applications. Experience the reliability and performance of Inmec sensors, and take your industrial processes to new heights.

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