European sugar mills choosing Inmec Digital Brix Sensors

We are proud to announce that during the last production campaigns, our customers in European sugar mills have been replacing more and more Brix transmitters based on old analog microwave technology, with Inmec Digital Brix Sensors.

Long term stability and wide measuring range

An application that our customers have especially been choosing the Inmec Brix Sensors for is the crystallization process in Vacuum Pans. Crystallization is the most significant process in producing high-quality sugar, and with the precise and repeatable seeding control enabled by the Inmec Brix sensors, our customers are equipped with the capabilities to maximize the efficiency of this process.

Evaporator Brix control is another important process where the wide measuring range of the sensors is utilized. The capabilities of the sensors are highlighted by the fact that they deliver the same stable results, despite significant variations in process conditions due to challenges in steam supply and other factors.

Digital microwave technology

Investments in Inmec Instruments' modern digital microwave based sensors ensure that our customers are equipped with the measuring means for efficient process control, which facilitates high quality and profitability. The Inmec Brix sensors also provide our customers with state-of-the-art, user friendly operating features. These features minimize the need for repeated recalibration of sensors, ensuring that our customers are able to save valuable time and utilize their personnel more efficiently.

Outstanding performance and 3 year warranty

Digital Microwave Technology enables outstanding performance for the Inmec Brix sensors in different areas of sugar production, with the sensors being applicable in various Brix measuring solutions throughout the sugar mill and refinery processes. The robust sensor design in combination with digital microwave electronics provides the basis for high reliability and a long lifetime. As a guarantee for the reliability of the Inmec Sensors, we provide an industry best 3-year full warranty. 


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