Inmec Instruments

Inmec Instruments is committed to delivering Brix and Solids Sensors that fulfill the highest industrial standards by utilizing the latest Digital Microwave Technology. By choosing Inmec Brix Sensors, our partners can be sure that they are equipped with the latest and most efficient technology, ensuring a healthy return on investment for years to come.

In order to meet and surpass the reliability, accuracy and long-term stability requirements of today, Inmec has developed a whole new way to design, manufacture and deliver top of the line products. Our headquarters are based in Kajaani, Finland, a city known as the Sensor city of Finland providing process control instrumentation for various process industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide first-class measuring instruments to our customers in the sugar, food and beverage and other industries. We aim to create long lasting and mutually beneficial buyer-supplier relationships with all of our customers, ensuring that investing in our sensors will help your company meet and surpass performance requirements for years to come.

We did not carry out R&D just to create the most sophisticated Brix Sensors ever, we made it our goal to provide our customers with a service concept beyond anything the industry has seen before. 

The New Wave of Digital Microwave Measurement

Inmec specializes in high performance sensor products, with all of our products based on the latest Digital Microwave Technology. Digital Microwave Technology and durable sensor design ensure that our customers are equipped with sensors that provide the highest accuracy, reliability and stability over time. The outstanding measuring range and stability of the sensors provide the tools needed in the most demanding industrial applications.

In addition to meeting the most demanding requirements, we take pride in providing an easy to use user interface, which combined with sophisticated and novel measuring algorithms guarantees high runnability for years to come.


Accurate and consistent measurement

Quality and process control for demanding processes. Digital microwave measurement technology and novel industrial design enable our sensors to operate accurately and continuously, without the need for constant cleaning or tuning of the sensors.

Worldwide remote commissioning

We offer worldwide remote commissioning, minimizing our carbon footprint and ensuring a fast and cost-efficient way for our customers to have their new Inmec sensors up and running without delay. Naturally, on-site commissioning is also available. 

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Remote Commissioning
Remote Services

I-Service remote services

I-Service remote services cover real-time 24/7 monitoring and analysis of all Inmec Sensors connected to the service, ensuring that sensor downtime is minimized regardless of cause or issue. It is a well known fact that a high number of process sensors are underutilized due to limited daily resources.

I-Service enhances performance by providing monitoring and early warning notifications to ensure that our customers are able to save valuable time and efficiently utilize their resources.

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Superior build and warranty

Our products are built to last. Using the latest technology allows us to create products with superior lifecycles, keeping our customers satisfied for years to come. As proof of this we offer a 3 year full replacement warranty on all sensors. In any case of malfunction we deliver necessary parts via a courier service in a maximum of 3 days. 

Superior Build and Warranty