Operating tablet

Operating Tablet


Tablet features:

-8” display, Resolution 800*1280
-Rugged structure
-Windows 10 operating system
-Cellular connectivity, optional
-Bluetooth BT4.1
-USB connection to the Sensor Connection unit
-Runs Inmec Operating software
-Automatic sensor ID detection
-Manages all Inmec sensors of a mill

Availability may vary.

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Industrial Router

4G/Lan Industrial Router


Industrial router facilitates remote service access for the maintenance personnel.Both GSM (wireless) and LAN connections are available. Router connects to the sensor via RS 485. Router provides data transfer capabilities for parameter tuning and monitoring. Inmec Utility software is required to operate sensors remotely via router. Software is included in the Operating Tablet delivery. Also with the router in use, the sensor works as a standalone unit providing measuring signal as 4-20mA output.

Delivery includes:

-Router unit
-Inmec pre-configuration
-Cable set
-Installation bracket
-Installs inside the Connection unit

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Junction box

Junction box


Junction box features:

- Connects sensor to mill system
- 24V power supply to the sensor
- 4-20 mA output
- RS-485 to the operating tablet

Delivery includes a 50m sensor cable.

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Model IL adapters

Model IL Adapters

From €420

Choose the preferred adapter for Model IL.

Model IL Sensor is always equipped with Quick coupling. Typically, a nozzle of the Quick coupling is welded directly to the process tank or pipe. In case bolt flange installation is preferred an adapter is the choice. The Flange adapter installs between the Quick coupling and bolt flange in the process. Several DN adapters are available and illustrated on our Data sheet. By request any custom specified adapter is also available.
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Installation Parts for Flow through sensors

Installation Parts for Flow through sensors



Tri clamp, Weld ring

Tri clamp, SH clamp

Tri clamp Gasket, EPDM

G2 220.050.047 200.150.067 242.064.047 W/L
G3 220.076.072 200.180.094 242.091.072 W/L
SRC 220.050.047 200.150.067 242.064.047 W/L

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Installation Parts for Model IL sensor

Installation Parts for Model IL sensor


Includes: Quick Coupling, Weld Nozzle, O-ring gasket.

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