Model G2, Flow through Brix Sensor

Model G2, Flow through Brix Sensor


The Model G2, Digital Microwave-Based Flow Through Brix Sensor: Advanced Brix and Solids measurement in Sugar, Food and Beverage manufacturing.

The G2 excels in measuring Brix in a range of 0-100°Bx, configured to the customer's specific needs. The wide measuring range makes the sensor an excellent choice for a variety of different pipeline applications in the food, beverage and sugar manufacturing industries. Based on Inmec's advanced digital microwave measurement technology, the sensor provides industry-leading measuring resolution, range and stability. 

EHEDG-approved for hygienic applications, the sensor can be reliably used in sugar, food & beverage, and dairy processing. The sensor also excels in liquid sugar Brix measurement, offering consistent results across different stages of sugar manufacturing and refining. 

Designed for 2" pipelines.

See In-Line model here.


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