Inmec expanding operations to US beet sugar factories

The past year has been very productive for Inmec, with more and more new customers deciding to rely on Inmec sensors for their measurement needs. Now we are happy to announce that in addition to repeating deliveries to southern cane sugar factories, Inmec has started deliveries of Brix sensors to beet sugar factories in the northern states of the United States of America. With the sensors now delivered and up and running, the results from the field indicate that the sensors have proven to be remarkably stable and reliable.

The sensors supplied by Inmec have been used to replace last generation measurement devices in crystallizer pan process control applications. In these applications, it is extremely important for the measurement sensors to be able to provide stable and highly accurate Brix measurement on a wide Brix range, which the Inmec Brix sensors do exceedingly well. Other attributes lauded by our customers include the ease of use of the sensors and monitoring services provided by Inmec.


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