Introducing the Model P6 Total Solids Sensor!

We are proud to announce, that the Inmec P-Series product line of Flow Through Sensors is being extended with the addition of the new Model P6, Total Solids Sensor.        

The earlier P-Series sensors are already widely utilized in industrial processes to continually and accurately measure total solids-% of dissolved and suspended solids. Now, the Model P6 Sensor complements the product line by facilitating the same reliable measurement principles to be used in 150 mm pipelines. The P6 Sensor supports Total Solids applications of industrial slurries and is available as a hardened version for abrasive materials.

The sophisticated measuring algorithm that powers the sensor, adapts for all the terms that are used to describe solids: Concentration, Density, Specific gravity or Brix.

The sensors are applicable for both organic and inorganic media.

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Model P6, DN150-PN25