Evaporation processes play a pivotal role in food and beverage manufacturing, particularly in the production of juice concentrates and syrups. Efficiency in the juice concentrate and syrup evaporators can be a substantial cost factor in the overall economy of a factory, with the chosen measurement systems playing an important role.

Brix measurement and control are indispensable tools in enhancing the juice concentrate and syrup evaporation process. By utilizing the precise Brix control provided by Inmec Sensors, a myriad of benefits can be achieved. These include reduced energy expenditures, higher yield, and improved juice and syrup product quality.

Investing in Inmec's accurate Brix measurement and control solutions isn't just a matter of optimization; it's a strategic move towards enhancing operational efficiency and achieving the highest quality for your final products.


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          Inmec Sensors in the evaporator process

Evaporator Brix

          Inmec Model P2TC


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