Starting up new equipment properly is the most important task of a mill investment. Training main users and tuning in process control devices to the top performance should be the number one target in any project. Poorly planned or executed commissioning may jeopardize the high expected payback of a new installation. Miscalibration of measuring devices may create losses that can be devastating and sometimes hard to identify later on.

Inmec emphasizes close co-operation with Sensor users to achieve highest performance level of all sensors delivered. Whether you select On Site or Remotely executed commissioning, our main goal is to get every installation up and running rapidly. High performance process control based on our Sensors will always be our number one target. The modern and well proven remote commissioning procedure is our effort in making every installation a reference that speaks for itself. 

Remote commissioning:

Remote commissioning services are based on a Wireless Cell or mill network, whichever is convenient. An industrial router facilitating remote access is embedded to the Connection Unit delivered with each Brix sensor. Remote commissioning ensures the fastest and most cost-efficient way of starting up sensors from the first day of delivery. Minimum mill personnel participation is needed and tune up will be ready in just a matter of hours. This is all based on the sophisticated autocalibration functions of all Inmec sensors. If a mill person is starting up a sensor, our on-line help desk will be available to provide necessary assistance and training. We offer worldwide and fixed price Remote commissioning to all our customers. 

On-site Commissioning:

Inmec Commissioning and service personnel are available to assist our customers in any issue at mill site whenever needed. Our process know-how is an efficient tool to overcome measurement or control issues concerning Inmec sensor utilization in process control. Please request a quote for on-site commissioning services.