Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor

Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor

The Model IL In-Line Brix Sensor: Precision and Stability for Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Processes.

Equipped with advanced digital microwave measurement technology and engineered to meet the diverse demands of the sugar manufacturing and refining processes, The Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor provides unparalleled Brix measurement with industry leading measuring resolution, range and stability within a wide range of Brix measurement applications. 

Designed as an integrated, stand-alone unit, the Model IL Sensor has a 24VDC input and a 4-20mA Brix output. The streamlined design inserts through a vessel wall, sealed with a swift and secure quick coupling mechanism.

Common applications of the sensors are crystallizer pan control and large diameter pipelines with a diameter of atleast 130 mm, where they are used to measure Brix of sugar juices on a comprehensive spectrum ranging from 0 to 95°Bx. Furthermore, the sensor lends itself to a multitude of other diverse applications, underscoring its versatility and adaptability.

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