Inmec Sensors enhancing efficiency in juice concentrate and syrup Evaporators

A common challenge for food and beverage manufacturers is the inability to maximize the potential of their evaporation processes, particularly in the production of juice concentrates and syrups. Issues such as limited measurement range, frequent need for cleaning or calibration of measurement devices, and measurement quality being affected by large temperature changes are often encountered. With the efficiency of evaporators in the production process significantly impacting the overall economy of a factory, making the right choice of measurement systems is critical to success.

Brix measurement and control are indispensable tools in enhancing the juice concentrate and syrup evaporation process.

Designed to effectively address the previously stated challenges, Inmec Sensors combine sophisticated digital microwave technology with innovative sensor design to provide the most accurate Brix measurement and control capabilities for the evaporation process. The sensors are not only capable of handling the widest measurement range but also effectively deal with residue buildup and significant changes in process temperature, guaranteeing stable, long-term measurement even under wide process temperature fluctuations and ranges of measurement where accurate process control has previously been unavailable.

The benefits are clear and include:

  • Reduced energy expenditures
  • Higher yield
  • Improved juice and syrup product quality

Investing in Inmec Sensors isn't just a matter of optimization; it's an important step towards guaranteeing operational efficiency and the highest quality for your final products.

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