Milk of Lime Density measurement, a new application for Inmec Brix Sensors

During the past couple of years, Inmec Brix sensors have been used by our customers in a growing number of different applications. This year, a new and interesting application that the Inmec Sensors have been doing exceedingly well in is Milk of lime density measurement, with the sensors having been proven to work well at both the sugar cane and sugar beet manufacturing processes.


Raw juice clarification is a critical process at Beet and Cane sugar mills, with the right density of added Milk of lime solution playing a critical role in assuring stable and high clarification efficiency and juice quality. The key factor in the process is to be able to accurately measure the density of the Milk of lime, with this being the part of the process where the industry-proven and unbeatable non-drift stability of Inmec sensors play their part in assuring efficient process control. 
To follow mill reference, Inmec Sensors can also be calibrated to output Baume units instead of Density.

Inmec Sensors

Both the Inmec Model G, Flow Through Sensors and Model IL, In-line Sensor can be used to measure density and control the Milk of lime dosage in the clarification process. Typically, Flow through sensors are used in pipelines up to 3 Inches and the In-line sensor is applicable for large size pipelines installed through a quick coupling. 
The set up of the sensors and making adjustments during the start up is made extremely easy and intuitive with Inmec’s state of the art software, guided by tablet. After initial calibration, the Inmec sensors stay stable over several running campaigns, eliminating any hassle caused by the need for further calibration and saving our customers' valuable time and resources.

Pictured: Inmec Model G measuring density in the Milk of Lime process

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